About Us

We are a UK registered not-for-profit organisation focused on delivering sustainable healthcare in Burkina Faso. 

We are very focused on three key principles:


1. Sustainability

Economic and human resource self-sufficiency

2. Local

The local community has to fully own responsibility for projects

3. Partnership 

The healthcare crisis in Burkina Faso is so large that we have to be building something scalable for real impact.

The Burkina Health Foundation is about backing local management teams: providing the technical knowledge and experience across medicine, management and governance.

Father Eugene Kabore

Eugene is a Carmalite priest. He studied theology and philosophy in Europe and then Jerusalem. As one of the driving forces behind The Burkina Health Foundation, his focus is on the health and well-being of the community. Eugene explains how Burkina Health Foundation is already making a big difference to the the local community. As he tells us, "you cannot preach to people who have an empty stomach".