Our vision

A world where everyone has access to quality healthcare.

Our mission

Our Mission is to deliver sustainable healthcare services by strengthening local capacity, developed in partnership, run by the community for the community.


We plan our projects to build local capacity and become self-funding. That includes training local doctors, nurses and administrators, and devising cost recovery strategies that can cover running costs and ultimately provide a long-term medical legacy.

Community Lead

Everything we do is lead by the community, for the community. Our projects involve local people from initial inception through to construction, to management and delivery and development of services.


We work with others to accelerate and broaden our impact. That includes NGO’s who share our vision and can use our facilities as a hub to introduce new services. It also includes government health agencies.
We believe the community can help itself. They themselves must be the agents of their development. Everything that is done is done with direct involvement. The locals engage at all levels, from the building to the health promotion. The plans were all done by the people here. The bricks were literally made by hand. The holes dug by our young people. The clinic will be run by local people. The doctors will be Burkinabe. Everything must be done like this so it is done by them, for them and it is always with themEUGENE KABORE