Construction 2011 - 2015

Everything was done by the local community: architechural design, project managemnt, construction. At times significant numbers were employed, confimring this as very much a community-led and owned initiative.


Operation 2016

We have a fantastic four-storey healthcare facility in Bobo Dioulasso, Burkina Faso's second city. We are very open to working with partners who can plug into this platform and use it to meet thier healthcare objectives, be that maternity, dentistry or whatever their focus. 


Hub Potential

The longer term opportunity that we see is to use the polyclinic as a hub for an outreach program to the villages outside the city where healthcare provision is almost non-existent. We have been studying this possibility in the village of Seguere, 50km to the north west of Bobo Dioulasso on the road to Mali, and believe that the polyclinic can have outsized impact when set up to augment primary healthcare points in the villages.