We believe that developing equitable and sustainable health facilities is the key to improved access for all in Burkina Faso. Our aim is to realise this in Burkina Faso in a sustainable way so that it becomes permanent.

The Eureka Hospital in the suburbs of Bobo Dioulasso is our current project through which we aim to prove this concept.


  • The hospital was largely funded by us but designed and built by local Burkinabe.
  • The hospital is being staffed and operated by local Burkinabe.

Focused on sustainability

  • We are working with our local partner on all aspects of good governance and control.
  • We advise our local partner on cost recovery strategies and variable pricing in order to meet our twin objectives of equitable provision to all and economic sustainability.

Partnering for wider impact

  • The hospital provides a recognised quality health embed in a high density area.
  • Our model is to partner with other health organisations and provide them a platform for their own health initiatives.

Where we are now

Construction is complete and we opened the Eureka Hopital to the general public late in 2015. Our goals by the end of 2018 are to prove the concept of sustainable healthcare delivery by:

  1. Be breakeven at the operating cost level
  2. Be treating 20,000 patients a year
  3. Have initiated an outreach programme in to the surrounding villages

Key to this is:

  1. Fully equipping the hospital to be in a position to offer a wide range of healthcare services
  2. Development of auxiliary services (optometry, pharmacy, internet café) to enhance cost recovery
  3. Continuous identification and sponsoring of medical graduates through specialisation