The Eureka Polyclinic in Bobo Dioulasso is a 4 storey, secondary level health unit that opened in January 2016. We have a 5 year agreement with the Ministry of Health.  We made a specific decision to integrate within the existing State apparatus and not to operate in our own orbit.
The 3 main revenue generating activites are:


  • Eureka provides health consultancy services across a range of specialisations (dentistry, ophthalmology, cardiology, radiology, hepto-gastrology) as well as a GP service.


  • Eureka has a well-equipped laboratory providing lab services (e.g. blood tests) to both Eureka customers and 3rd parties who have no laboratory.


  • Eureka has a pharmacy embedded in the hospital that currently only serves Eureka customers.  A licence is being sought in order to open the pharmacy to the general public.


Our objective is to reach economic break even by the end of 2020.  This will give us the platform to start delivering on our objective – healthcare access for all irrespective of ability to pay as future profits beyond breakeven will subsidise those unable to pay.