We believe that developing the health human resource is of fundamental importance for the long term expansion and sustainability of healthcare in Burkina Faso.

There is a deep healthcare crisis in Burkina Faso as a result of under-investment in the training of medical professionals.

  • 1 nurse per 2,000 people (UK: 17)
  • 1 doctor per 20,000 people  (UK: 57)
  • 1 pharmacy worker per 50,000 people (UK: 40)
  • 1 dentist per 500,000 (UK: 269)

Sources:  World Bank & World Health Organisation

Our response has been to establish a scholarship program that identifies graduate doctors, sponsors them through their chosen specialisation in regional universities or medical schools and then encourages them to work in the Eureka Polyclinic.

The scholarships typically are for 4 years and have a cost of between €25,000 - €30,000. 8 scholarships have been awarded since 2013 (see below).